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Baer Leadership

empowering your team with the strength to succeed

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I'm Ash Baer 

I have a passion of working hard to bring ideas to life with a strong flare of creativity. 

I am a strong believer in the power and  beauty in people using their strengths to make a powerful impact in their homes, schools, and communities. With over ten years of camp experience, camp director experience and leadership development experience I am here to help you and your community.  

Whether it is bringing your idea to an online platform and growing a stronger online presence, building a stronger team through team building workshops, program planning, or growing your team's awareness about Mental Health. I am excited to help you navigate towards total awesomess!


Join me in

What People Say

“Ash is very good at listening to what it is your group needs. She brings humour and joy
to everything she does. The students loved working with her, participating in her
activities and finding their sense of purpose.”

T. Lacey, Advisor, McKinnon Park
Secondary School

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